Lip Fillers

Everything you need to know about lip fillers; the good, the bad and what to expect.

Lips fillers are undoubtedly one of the most popular aesthetic treatments ever. We’re all familiar with the term ‘trout pout’ which is a popular term for big, exaggerated lips, stemming from the nineties. The trend doesn’t seem to be falling out of favour – big lips are as popular as ever, with puckering pouts seen on social media, TV and our favourite celebs. But lip fillers aren’t just for those who desire the overfilled luscious lip look. Fillers can also be used for subtle lip enhancements, to add or restore volume and shape, with a natural looking result.


As with all aesthetic treatments, it is absolutely crucial that you do your research when looking for a lip filler procedure; not all fillers are made equal and there are even counterfeit fillers available to buy on the Internet. At Highcroft Aesthetics, Katie regularly carries out corrective lip procedures for clients who have had treatments elsewhere which have been carried out incorrectly; with substandard contents or by unqualified practitioners. Katie says; “I have seen clients who have been left with hard lumps or hard nodules as a result of malpractice. This affects  appearance and speech, not to mention the confidence of a patient. It’s so incredibly important to seek a reputable, fully qualified and insured aesthetic practitioner to competently carry out a lip filler procedure.”


A popular question which always arises when clients enquire about lip fillers, is how much they should have. Of course, everyone is different and the desired results change from patient to patient, but the normal amount for a first treatment is 1ml. Further treatments may be required to create the desired look, but it is important that lips are not over filled or stretched too much. With lip fillers less is usually more, especially when it comes to ensuring a natural result. 


Another question often asked is ‘will it hurt?’ Topical an aesthetic will be applied to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout. There can be a little bleeding during the procedure, which is completely normal; lips are a very sensitive area. Your practitioner should ensure all bleeding has stopped before you leave the clinic. Swelling to the lips and bruising can occur post treatment, which again is completely normal.


In order to keep bruising or swelling to a minimum, we do offer advice on numerous things to avoid before and after treatment, and offer guidance for an optimum recovery. Lips can take up to 7 days to fully settle.


*Some top tips:


One week before your appointment: Avoid blood thinning over the counter medicine such as Aspirin and ibuprofen. Avoid supplements including St. Johns wort, gingko biloba, primrose oil, ginseng and vitamin E. 


Two days prior to your appointment: Avoid waxing, bleaching or tweezing any area that is due to be treated.


Following treatment: Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help your body heal. You can apply an ice pack and arnica topically to the lips after your treatment to help with the swelling and bruising.


Thorough advice on what to do pre-treatment will be given once your appointment has been booked, along with full and comprehensive aftercare guidance at your pre-treatment consultation and also following treatment. Your pre-treatment consultation is the perfect opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with your practitioner, ask any questions and raise any concerns you may have. 


At Highcroft Aesthetics, upon arrival to the clinic you will be welcomed by Katie and a full consultation will be carried out; outlining the full procedure, discussing any concerns and your desired result. Katie is always totally honest with what’s achievable and the amount of filler required. After completing a medical history form, and as long as there are no contraindications, the treatment will commence, if you’re happy to go ahead, and the lips you dream of will be well underway. 

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